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Enclosed in a single chassis is a complete audiophile system with the sound you want and the features you need. The ensemble features two true mono power amplifiers with independent power supplies based on a new concept in solid state amplification. We use a non switching output stage arrangement isolated by a single ended buffer delivering Class A liquidity and texture uncommon to solid state designs without the associated heat. The absence of global feedback and regulated supplies of the drivers contributes to the the exemplary transparency and speed. The amplification modules are fed trough a 4 input fully balanced relay based selector and volume control board. 

On the input selector board you can add our new RIAA module accommodating both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges. This module is based around an exotic transconductance amplifier having properties uncommon in the price range. Gain and loading are selectable in the configuration menu. 

For the digital age we have a second input board accommodating all modern digital interfaces. AES, Spdif, Toslink, USB, Network and Bluethoot inputs. This input module apart from switching the inputs has the ability to apply different filters and upsampling to supply the DACs always with the optimal data rate and format making it the truly universal digital input module. All data is re-clocked to the high precision internal clock generator. The DAC modules sit on a separate card allowing upgrades as new technologies become available. The integrated network player board supports DLNA, Roon, TIDAL (including MQA) and DSD. 

The DAC modules are simplified versions of our multi-bit R2R module developed for the Maximinus DAC offering similar tonal rendition and lifelike dynamics. 

Of course there are separate power supplies to power the digital and analog circuits independent from each other and the power amplifiers. 

So you get a multibit DAC, an Upsampler, a Network player, a Phono preamplifier and two mono power amplifiers in a single box. Each designed to work with the other in the most optimal way. 

The modularity of the system let’s you grow as you need and to keep it current for long time to come.

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