Amplificador integrado híbrido

Etapa previa en Clase A a válvulas 2 x TungSol ECC803S 

Etapa de potencia en Clase AB a MosFet 

2 x 200W @ 8 Ohm

2 x 350W @ 4 Ohm

Entradas 2 balanceadas (XRL), 5 single-ended (RCA), 1 balanceada (XRL) directa a la etapa de potencia

Módulo HiDAC MK2 (+560€)

Más detalles

7 800,00 €


 Kratos concept

Kratos' name directly comes from its most important feature: power. In Greek mythology, indeed, Kratos was the god of strength, might and power.
Kratos is based on Pathos’ hybrid circuit, with tubes pre-stage and Mosfet final stage; it has 200W for each channel.
But that’s not all. Kratos’ pre-stage and final stage are clearly separated, with a prestigious pre-out and direct input to final stage; both pre-out and final stages are balanced XLR .

logos caratteristiche

Its preamplification circuit is in pure class A; it uses Tung-Sol ECC803s tubes: sound is warm, deep, dynamic.
Final Mosfet stage in class AB is strongly polarized in class A; its great power both at 8 and 4 Ohms makes Kratos able to drive any loudspeaker.
Kratos is also headphone amplifier with a dedicated circuitry (2 W @ 32 Ω).
Design is inspired by Logos, the great Pathos’ historic product. But this is a simple aesthetic affinity: similarities stops here. Kratos hides new technical solutions which make it the leading-edge-product between non-InPol amplifiers.
Kratos’ basic features (5 RCA, 2 balanced XLR, digital display, remote-controlled functions) could be improved by a DAC (optional) and a RIAA phono input (optional).

TypeHybrid stereo amplifier, fully balanced. Preamplifier stage: tubes, class A, 2 x TungSol ECC803S 
Final stage: Mosfet, bridge configuration, class AB
Output Power2 x 200WRMS @ 8 Ω, 2 x 350WRMS @ 4 Ω
Max input voltage5V RMS
Input sensitivity0,7VRMS
Input impedance47K
Pre out gain6dB
Analogue inputs2 balanced XRL line, 5 unbalanced RCA line, 1 balanced XRL direct to the power amp
Optional inputsHiDac Mk2
Phono stage RIAA for MM/MC
Outputs1 Pre out stereo unbalanced RCA, 1 Pre out stereo Balanced XLR
Headphone Specifications
Output power3,3 W @ 16 Ω , 2 W @ 32 Ω
MAx output level10V RMS
Amplifier430mm (D) x 530mm (W) x 195mm (H)
Weight (net / packed)40Kg

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