Amplificador integrado

Pura Clase A

Doble tecnología InPol

Totalmente balanceado

2 x 25W @ 8 Ohms

Salida de auriculares 2,65W @ 32 Ω

Hi DAC EVO opcional (+525€)

Acabado con cubierta superior en negro mate

Acabado con cubierta superior en blanco, negro o rojo lacado (+370€)

Más detalles

4 200,00 €




concept inpolremix MKII sopra okInPolRemix MkII is a fully-balanced pure Class A integrated amplifier using the latest generation double-InPol circuitry.

The digital bias/gain set technology with intelligent control is entrusted to the same microprocessor which regulates the volume, thus guaranteeing the performance of the amplifier itself and its ability to drive the loudspeakers efficiently.

Thanks to the (optional) HiDac Mk2 converter, music lovers who want the best from the latest digital sources will find their demands fully met.

InPol (Inseguitore Pompa Lineare - Linear Pump Follower) is a system patented by Pathos Acoustics which has enjoyed great success and won many awards.

Inpol devices have a special sonic personality obtainable only by means of this particular circuit design - fully balanced in Class A using a single solid state component in follower configuration, with high current gain and with voltage gain together. The valve amplifier amplifies the input signal voltage and InPol supplies the current to drive the loudspeakers without any further amplification. In this way the signal is entrusted to the valves and becomes a true copy of the original, with all the quality, purity and harmonic content of the original.

This technology allows an increase in the theoretical output in pure Class A of between 25% and 50% together with a low output impedance which is fundamental for the damping factor, and further improved by the double InPol.

Concept inpolremixMkII new retroThe elegant appearance design inherited from the ClassicRemix,  with its compact dimensions make this a piece of audio equipment unique in its class.

The central part of the chassis is carefully finished, while the lateral heatsinks, shaped to form the maker`s logo, make a strikingly attractive statement and serve to highlight the carefully  protected valves placed in the centre of the chassis.

InPolRemix MkII is available in various colours and personal choices of finish.
InPolRemix raises the musical listening experience to the highest level, thanks to Pathos` audio design and engineering, and the use of components of the highest quality.
TypeStereo integrated amplifier Pure class A
- double INPOL technology - fully balanced -
digital Bias/gain set technology
Output power2 x 25W@ 8 Ohm, 2 x 38W@ 4 Ohm
Frequency response2Hz – 150KHz ± 0.5db
Input sensitivity470mVRMS
Input impedance47KOhm
Output polaritySelectable by remote control
Volume regulator2 x Burr Brown PGA2310 (180 steps 0,5dB)
THD0,1% @ 25W
S/N Ratio> 100dB
Gain 31 db Unbalanced 37 db Balanced
Output impedance 0,9Ω
Analogue inputs1 Balanced XRL line, 4 unbalanced RCA line
Digital inputsInstallation of (optional) HiDac Mk2 board is
required to enable these inputs
1 USB port type “B”, 1 SPDIF coaxial, 1 SPDIF optical
Outputs1 Pre out stereo line RCA
1 Pre out stereo line Balanced XLR
Pre-output phase can be selected
1 connector for jack headphone 6,3mm
Output power2,65W @ 32 Ω
Output impedance0,45Ω
Max output level9,6 VRMS
Frequency response2Hz - 400KHz ± 0,5db
Amplifier370mm (D) x 280mm (W) x 180mm (H)

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