Brazo para giradiscos de 12"

Azimuth y VTA ajustable

Masa media/variable efectiva

Montaje: Standard 370mm / 222 Rega 3-puntos

Ideal para cápsulas de baja y alta compliance

Más detalles

1 100,00 €


Funk has long maintained that the humble “tonearm” is a serious weak link in achieving purity of analogue replay.

Indeed this is immediately supported when one looks at Funk’s first foray into pickup arms, the FXR. Its performance has been universally received as a revelation in what can be achieved to push the envelope forward in arm technology and has been selected for use by leading reviewers as their personal choice of arm. The unique F•X construction at the heart of the FXR requires significant detail in its manufacture to ensure its superb performance.

Based on the same desire for listening purity we have engineered and developed the F5/II arm. Achieving high levels of listening pleasure, for which Funk is renowned, F5/II is aimed at those who wish to own a superb product at lower cost. We are proud of the results, we are sure you will be too.

F5/II has been designed to perfectly complement Funk’s new Little Super Deck, where F5 plays its part and other turntables.

Variable Mass:

Immediately noticeable is the contrasting sliding weight on the arm itself. The straightforward tracking weight adjustment that this system allows is further enhanced by a more cunning benefit. Moving coil cartridges tend to be low compliance designs, which track at slightly elevated tracking forces and benefit from higher mass arms. The sliding weight moves further forward thereby increasing the effective mass.
Conversely, moving magnet cartridges are higher compliance. They track at lower weights and need lower mass arms. With F5, the sliding weight doesn’t go as for forward and the effective mass is lower.

Azimuth and Overhang:

The novel headshell design incorporates in one go both overhang and azimuth adjustment, permitting perfect alignment of your chosen cartridge.

F5 and F512:

For those who need a longer arm to benefit from the lower distortion, F512 is a 12″ version of F5/II.
Of this arm,


Mounting Distance: 222mm
Mounting: Standard Rega 3-point – Holes at 20mm radius
Effective Length: 239mm
Effective Mass: Medium, Variable, depending on Tracking weight
Bearings: High performance, very low friction.
Cartridge Suitability: Suitable for cartridges low and high compliance

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