Cable de interconexión balanceado XLR

1 m

Pareja de cables

30 cm de suplemento (+95€)

Más detalles

1 688,00 €


Cable XLR high modulation range, it has the same qualities as the RCA version.
Dynamic and respectful of the finest nuances, strength and balance, detail and range make him a crucial ally of high definition systems.
It delivers accuracy with an audible message articulated and expressive, the talented performances are highlighted, the bad also…IN-TIM-modulation-XLR-2

For high-end systems, the IN-TIM series delivers a sum of unsuspected details by releasing the potential of the links it has support to connect.
Developed without concession, this line implements a proprietary technology that absolute Creations has patiently developed.
To define musicality our customers have not hesitated to evoke the more laudatory virtues: ‘sheer transparency, strong, respect for stamps, holographic soundstage, quilted details, vertiginous silences… ‘. »
This series represents the missing on the fun scale, and allows the best electronic components to deploy a rare elegance.IN-TIM-modulation-XLR-3

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