Cable de interconexión

1,6 m

Pareja de cables

30 cm de suplemento (+170€)

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3 207,00 €


Dedicated to high-end systems and high-end cables in this series still argue uniformed, strength and precision, the nature and extent of bandwidth, the multitude of information transmitted from the source carve carnal, human reproduction.

Cable high-definition excellence, series UL – TIM pushes even the generally ‘accepted’ audible limits.
We appreciate the very good melodic follow-up of UL – TIM, its ability to preserve the modulation regardless of the complexity of the signal, and finally its nice readability.

A book “superlative” systems

Extract high fidelity 2011

Modulation of very high end cable, connector Rhodium RCA lockable.
His entire character largely explains its success with the audiophile world.
A high color system, he throws the veil following each melodic line.
Very high purity, materialization, fusion.

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