Cable de interconexión de referencia para fono

Conector con toma de tierra RCA or XLR CC Carbon by Furutech

1 m

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13 310,00 €


Technical Data

Diámetro RCA/XLR: 4 x 3,0 mm.

Each Absolute Dream interconnect or speaker cable employs four of our unique mono-crystal silver conductors (with dedicated designs for digital and power applications) for the best possible signal transmission and lowest possible resistance. In addition, the interconnects also incorporate Crystal’s revolutionary Crystal Bridge technology to further reduce voltage drop, improving performance in every case, but massively reducing the impact of longer cable runs. But poor connectors can undermine even the best conductor technology. Crystal Cable commissioned connector specialist Furutech to create custom connectors that embodied the minimalist, low-loss ethos, longevity and mechanical integrity of the mono-crystal silver conductors. The Absolute Dream connectors use rhodium-plated mono-crystal copper connections, low-loss Teflon insulation, low-mass carbon bodies and non-magnetic stainless steel or eutectic copper housings. The result is a range of elegantly minimalist plugs that eliminate the last (and often overlooked) weak link in the signal transfer chain.  

Absolute Dream is a cable in which every single aspect of its design and construction has been reassessed with a single purpose – to be the best. Ground-breaking metallurgy and materials, a unique approach to construction, unrivalled longevity and geometrical consistency, the refusal to accept conventional solutions or established thinking: together they have resulted in a totally new level of audio cable and audio system performance.   

Absolute Dream – Because Music Matters


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