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Crystal Cable Arabesque Glass Master – Perfecting The Model 

Advances in Crystal Cable’s proprietary metallurgy has led to the development of the monocrystal silver conductors used in the Absolute Dream and Dreamline Plus cables. In turn, that created the opportunity for us to further refine the performance of the Arabesque Glass Master loudspeakers. By using monocrystal silver conductors throughout the speaker, not just for internal cables but hard-wiring the crossover and even winding the transformer and replacing the signal leads on the ribbon driver, we were able to significantly reduce micro-distortion and grain in the system, resulting in a further significant increase in tonal purity, harmonic resolution and natural phrasing. The Absolute Arabesque brings the musical performance closer than ever before, while the option of gold-plated metal parts ensures that the speakers look as distinctive as they sound. Like the musical masterpieces they reproduce so effortlessly, the Absolute Arabesque loudspeakers are the result of an almost obsessive attention to every tiny detail in their design and construction. But with art as fragile, demanding and revealing as recorded music, the art of engineering its reproduction is every bit as delicate and demanding. The Absolute Arabesque leaves no stone unturned in its quest for musical performance. The addition of our monocrystal technology is the last piece in the jigsaw: the performance is finally complete.

Arabesque Glass Master

The Arabesque Glass Master – Clearly Superior 

When Crystal Cable launched the Arabesque, the audio world was stunned by the performance of a speaker that sounded as clean and clear as it looked. Comsol diagnostic software and the best available drivers combined to create this revolutionary design. The innovative cabinet shape with its non-parallel surfaces and critical venting eliminated the intermodulation distortion and reflected internal energy that muddled and smeared the musical performance of conventional designs. The use of lightweight, laminated paper cones and a ribbon driver with a large radiating area maintained efficiency and dynamic range, building on the benefits of the low-loss cabinet. Separating the crossover in its own, milled from solid, stainless steel enclosure protected it from destructive mechanical interference while all internal wiring used Crystal Cable’s own, high-tech, high performance cables. Where most loudspeaker designers concentrate on one specific area of speaker technology or performance, this was an integrated system solution. It addressed and optimised each and every aspect of speaker performance. The result was a step-change in integration, communication and musical expression. 

Frequency Range: 27Hz- 100kHz (-3dB)
Crossover frequency: 2000 Hz
Crossover: electrical 2nd order, electro-acoustic 3rd order
(with high-grade Tritec air cored inductors and silver-foil capacitors)
Power handling: Max. 315W RMS
Total harmonic Distortion: <0.5% from
Max SPL 1 15dB
Peak input power: 600W
Efficiencv: 95dB @ 2,83V
Impedance: 4 Ohm nominal
Recommended Amplifier power: 20W or more.
Weight: approx. 100 kg /220 pounds each (net)


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