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For applications where a single channel high power amplifier with ultimate reproduction quality is required the FM 115 is the absolute choice. The FM 115 is concepted for speaker systems that demand an amplifier that can effortlessly provide high output voltage and at the same time very high output current. Thanks to this singular capability (amplifiers usually either provide high output voltage or high output current but not both at the same instant) it drives any speaker in an unparalleled manner.
The FM 115 employs complete Resolution Series technology and uses advanced true balanced Class A stages combined with the world's best amplifier and speaker protection systems.


A new feature unique to the FM 115 uses a unique new circuit that detects and eliminates any potential very low level distortion. Furthermore, it uses a new proprietary true balanced input stage which automatically recognises if the input signal is balanced, pseudo-balanced or unbalanced and converts these signals to true balanced.

  • Like the FM 111, its smaller brother, the FM 115 can be placed next to a speaker or in any remote location. It keeps all of the features such as delayed turn-on, all protection circuitry intelligence etc. even when power is switched on remotely. Within ten seconds it is fully operational and sounds absolutely optimal (unlike some other power amplifiers that need long warm up).
  • The FM 115 is a dream come true for those who require the ultimate single-channel high power amplifier with the unique transparency and build quality the Resolution Series is world famous for.


Minimum Power Output:

operating with music or continuous toneburst:
550 Wpeak into 8 Ohm
1000 Wpeak into 4 Ohm
1800 Wpeak into 2 Ohm

275 WRMS into 8 Ohm
500 WRMS into 4 Ohm
900 WRMS into 2 Ohm

Max. Output Voltage:
140 Vpp

Max. Output Current:
Unlimited repetitive peak output current. More than 35 A continuous. No output or DC fuses, absolutely no form of current-, voltage- or any other kind of limiting.

0,005% THD, no higher order harmonics Bandwidth including Input Filter:
Less than 1 Hz to 60 kHz; if required, internally settable to any frequency between 1 kHz and 60 kHz (Low-Pass) and 1 Hz to 1 kHz (High-Pass).



Risetime at Full Power -3db:
3 uS

Hum and Noise:
Minimal unweighted:
better than -100 dB (20Hz-20kHz).

Proprietary electronically balanced discrete enhanced class A circuitry, non-polarized, floating ground, non-inverting or inverting mode. Optimal performance with either balanced or unbalanced (single-ended) sources. Unbalanced sources are automatically balanced right at the input of the FM 115.

Input Sensitivity:
1.2 V RMS for full output

Input Impedance:
At all level settings from balanced and unbalanced sources:
40 kOhm

Input Stage Common Mode Rejection:
100 dB typically, better than 95 dB at 50 Hz, even better at other frequencies.

Maximum Input Level:
+20 dBm (20Vpp)

Load Impedance:
No minimum impedance.
The amplifier is designed for 1 Ohm to 10’000 Ohm systems.
It can drive any speaker impedance (even below 1 Ohm) with dynamic (music) signals without any limiting, compression or other negative effects on the audio signal.
Despite this, the amplifier is fully protected against short circuits, open circuits and all other adverse conditions via unique onboard circuitry that continuously surveys all important parameters.

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