Etapa de potencia estéreo 

70W @ 8 Ohms

Clase D

Totalmente balanceado

Acabados en negro o gris con botón en gris

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amplid concept2

AmpliD is the first of a new line of digital amplifiers from Pathos. Completely balanced in D Class, it features a 70 Watt output power on each channel at 8 Ohm, and 130 Watt on each channel at 4 Ohm; it has 2 kinds of inputs (1 as stereo balanced XLR and 1 as stereo unbalanced RCA line).

Despite small dimensions, AmpliD provides great power and high sound quality. It reached state-of-the art among all those digital amplifiers, that cannot be underestimated in terms of technological innovation.

Amplid features2

Aluminum has been used both for panting and for frame, on the upper part can be found our carved logo. High quality components and superior technology allow this product to stand any comparison with the products of its category.

AmpliD is available in two finishes and, if combined with Converto Mk2 and In The Groove, will set up a perfect audio system both for digital and phono source.
This product is entirely handmade in Italy.

TypeStereo power amplifier in pure class D, fully balanced
Output Power70W @ 8 Ohm
130W @ 4 Ohm
Frequency response1 Hz – 100 KHz
THD< 0,04%
Dumping factor50
S/N Ratio98 dB
Input impedance47 KOhm
Analogue inputs1 stereo balanced XLR & 1 stereo unbalanced RCA line
Input sensitivity0,8 VRMS Unbalanced
0,8+0,8 VRMS Balanced
Output impedance0,16 Ohm
Gain29 dB Unbalanced
23 dB Balanced
Power consumptionmin 8W 
Max 300W
<0,5W standby mode
Size230mm (D) x 200mm (W) x 70mm (H)
Weight (net/packed)5 Kg /6Kg

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