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120W @ 8 Ohms

Pura Clase A

Circuito Double INPOL®

Totalmente balanceado

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inpower Mk2 concept

To develop new InPower we started from InPol, a system patented by Pathos, which characterizes Pathos’ production and that became an acclaimed success and won many awards.
Inpol units do have a strong sonic personality due to this exclusive circuitry, completely balanced in class A.
Further, new InPower allow enhancing a bi-amped setup at best, because of its adjustable gain; more specifically it allows operating on the bass level as you prefer.

inpower Mk2 caratteristicheA new audio project always is to Pathos a good mission when there is the chance to reproduce the natural quality and the harmonic content of the original signal. When we decided to redesign InPower, engineers’ aim was exactly this one! Even if they knew it was not easy to improve the very 1rst InPower.
Improving, increasing the power and getting more quality was not an easy challenge to take, but we achieved it.
The result impressed the engineers themselves: an extremely musical sound, defined, a really “tube” sound, dynamic, full and fast; all these features makes new InPower worth being part of the best solid states products.

Typeentirely balanced, Double INPOL® power amplifier in pure class A
Output power120 W @ 8 Ohm
Input impedance20 kOhm
Frequency response5Hz ÷ 60kHz ± 0.3 dB
Signal/noise ratio>100dB
THD< 0.4% up to maximum power
Absorption at rest350 W

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