Etapa de potencia multicanal 5.0

85W @ 8 Ohm por canal (x 5)

100W @ 4 Ohm por canal (x 5)


Frontal acabado en silver 

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These award winning products are designed for the music lover who wants to integrate Home Cinema into a stereo 2 channel System and achieve a realistic musical experience with cutting-edge technical advances. 

AV500 Power Amp 5 x 100W / Channel into 8 Ohms with mos-fet transistors for enhanced musicality.

  • 2 330VA tranformers.  
  • 73000uF Capacitors in PSU  
  • Bridgeable  

Technical Facts:

Power Wrms/channel/8 Ω5×85 W / 2×100 W
Power Wrms/channel/4 Ω5×100 W / 2×140 W
Supply (VA)660 VA
Total of capacitors (µF)73 000
Input Impedance (kΩ)47 kOhms
Sensibility (mV)from 1,58 V to 1,77 V
Distortion at 1 kHz0,005 %
Bandwidth5 Hz – 200 kHz
Signal/noise ratio (dBA)100 dB
Weight (kg)12 kg
Dimensions (mm)440x90x270

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