Plato giradiscos de alta precisión

Ajuste de VTA y Azimut

Disponible en color negro

Más detalles

510,00 €


680,00 €


Gett! is Funk’s new two-speed entry level design. Gett! is a true doorway into the world of Funk when it delivers a seductive performance and internationally it has already been reviewed thus:

“Triumphant Entry…” Why add any more?

The DC motor and circuit provides for a clean drive to the precision machined acrylic platter, which contrast with the clean, crisp silver livery that complements Funk’s F7 arm produced here specifically in silver to match.

It pivots, stable and frictionless, on threads that provide performance enhancing features usually found only in more expensive arms.

– Fully adjustable for VTA

– Azimuth adjustment for accurate setup

– Bias is adjusted from the support at the top.

Various additional upgrade offerings take Gett!’s performance to the next level;

Achromat, Bo!ng and The Lift.

Gett! Funk’d

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