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Precio con brazo FX-R: 6.800€

Precio con brazo FX-R y tapa + base de metracilato KINETIC: 8.400€

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Pink Triangle’s Anniversary heralded a milestone in turntable development.
20 years on, its legendary performance has people regularly fighting over it on Ebay, willing to pay double its original retail price, thereby underlining a real demand for a replacement.

That is some pedigree to live up to.

Funk’s answer is Saffire V…

Denver’s Audiofest 2012 has fast established itself as one of the world’s premier shows. There, the most prestigious companies from round the world show off and where the rooms get evaluated in their ability to perform.
These rooms house the most exotic of systems, some costing in excess of $400,000.

It was against this backdrop that Funk arrived in2012 and demonstrated the more than comparatively modest combination of Saffire and F.X technology.

The sonic results we achieved are a testament to our commitment, to our art:

“This was the first (and only) room that actually sounded lifelike on my (very lifelike) Melody Gardot LP)”

and concluded:

“All in all, another best of show contender”

HiFi World gave it 5 Globes.

Starting with a very kind and unexpected editorial, David Price continues, complimenting and describing it as”…so fleet of foot, supple and subtle

And from Adam Smith who carried out the review: “An organic sense of purity is Saffire’s trademark. It really shows vinyl at its best“.
No gut thumping, leaden behemoth of a performer.

We wouldn’t have asked for a better descriptive recommendation.

France’s “Revue Nouvelle du Son” have been equally impressed and awarding it its prize.

Saffire is precision sculpted from solid acrylic and meticulously finished by hand.
Inert and stable this provides an ideal platform to hold arm and record in precise relationship.

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