Plato con brazo de fibra de carbono T8

Porta-cápsulas de baja masa

Chasis en sandwich de madera de 65 mm

Plato acrílico de 30 mm

Velocidad ajustable por potenciómetro

Más detalles

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The Isolde turntable, named after a Wagner Opera character, is designed for those customers who like a classical style but but don't like all the set-up work. The Isolde continues with the high quality character of all the other Opera Audio turntables. The turntable consists of a super accurate DC motor, a point-to-point low noise bearing, and a solid plinth, with an air ball damping system to make the sound fuller and more relaxing.


The matched carbon fiber T8 9" tone arm is very simple to set-up and adjust. One only needs to attach their own cartridge, set the recommended stylus weight and VTA and you are ready to go.




  • Wow and Flutter: Less than 0.02
  • Rumble: Greater than 80dB down
  • Speed accuracy: Within 0.01%
  • Motor speed control AC input :
  • Dual voltage (select by rear switch) AC 115V 60Hz/230V 50Hz 
  • Dimension: 


T8 Carbon Fiber Tonearm: 


  • Mounting distance arm base 214mm 
  • Tone arm length 9’’
  • Arm tube made of carbon-fibre
  • Overhang 16mm 
  • Offset 23 degree 
  • Cartridge weight 4-22g 
  • Down force range 10-35mN 
  • Weight(without counterweight) 37g 
  • Counterweight 65g 

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