Giradiscos manual.

Traccion por correa de precisión.

Control electronico de velocidad 33/45 RPM

Chasis suspendido de grado alto ajustable.

Brazo no incluido.

Acabado en negro, lacado piano, lacado macasar. 

Con brazo SME M2: 13.400,00€

Con brazo SME 309: 14.400,00€ 



Más detalles

10 800,00 €


The musical experience

The front panel of the TD 550, which also holds the operational buttons, is available either chrome-plated or with black anodized aluminum finish. The high-grade plinth itself has been refined with finest black piano lacquer whereby the variable side cheeks can be perfectly matched with those of the Thorens Electronic Series.

The TD 550 is based on the construction of the TD 350 and like it comes equipped with a suspended chassis and the belt drive around the outer rim of the platter. The player‘s generous dimensions allow the mounting of 12-inch tonearms also. The tonearm platform is made from extremely stiff carbon fibre compound which ensures a very rigid coupling of platter and tonearm. If necessary, the suspended chassis can be conveniently adjusted in height by thumb screws on top of the plinth. The sturdy feet can likewise be adjusted in order to achieve a level position. Owing to its electronically controlled start-up procedure the extremely silent AC synchronous motor will drive the platter to the selected speed within no time. For making signal connections the TD 550 has been equipped with balanced (XLR) as well as unbalanced (RCA) output jacks

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