CUSTOM DESIGN Speaker Stand Support RS 102 Range


Soporte para altavoz

Soportes superiores de 150mm x 150mm x 3mm

Dimensiones de la base 210 x 240 x 3mm

Puntas de aislamiento M6 chapadas en zinc de serie

Altura disponible  510mm o 610mm 

Acabado estándar: Negro, blanco o mercurio. Cromo o cromo cepillado (+47€)

Más detalles

117,00 €


The RS 102 Speaker Stand Range is a twin column design available in two heights with a 3mm steel base plinths manufactured and toughened to British Safety Standards EN12105-2.
Standard finishes include Mercury and Black with Chrome and Brushed Chrome an optional extra.

Top supports are 150mm x 150mm.

RS 102 - 510mm (20"), 610mm (24")

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