CUSTOM DESIGN Speaker Stand Support RS 200 Range


Soporte para altavoz

Soportes superiores de 150mm x 150mm x 3mm

Dimensiones de la base 210 x 240 x 3mm

Columna central de 50mm de diámetro

Puntas de aislamiento M6 chapadas en zinc de serie

Altura disponible  510mm o 610mm 

Acabado estándar: Negro o mercurio

Más detalles

102,00 €


All of the RS 200 Speaker Stand Range are manufacture by the craftsman at Custom Design. The hand finished design includes Black or Mercury as the standard finish option, and provides good rigidity when combined with the zinc plated M6 fixing bolts. Hand polished steel plates and support columns reflect the attention to detail and standards of quality that Custom Design provide to all of their customers.
The RS 200 Speaker Stand Range have 50mm diameter columns and available with 3mm steel base plate, manufactured and toughened to British Safety Standards EN12105-2. The RS 200 range with the single column format offer standard finishes Mercury or Black.
Please reference the Acoustic Steel page to see how resonance is absorbed by combining Acoustic Steel Top plates, Acoustic Steel Base plates and our Inert Filler on a pair of the multi award winning RS 300 speaker support stands.

RS 200 - 510mm (20") and 610mm (24") in Mercury or Black finish

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