Previo de fono.

Solo admite cápsulas MM.

Interruptor stereo/mono.

Fuente de alimentación separada.

Puro triodo 3 x ECC83.

Condensadores y resistencias de alta calidad.

Potenciómtero Blue ALPS

Más detalles

1 715,00 €


Introduced in 2005 the PS1 has proved to be one of our best sellers. This model has had many excellent reviews in the worlds Hi Fi press.

It is well know that valves can sound much better than transistors, this is especially so with LP reproduction. Mainly because:

  • The massive overload of valves prevents distortion on highly modulated or worn LPs therefore reducing noise.
  • The “warm” sound of valves is well suited to the reproduction of analogue music from LP.
  • The huge 40db RIAA difference between 20 Hz and 20 kHz is easier for valves than transistors.
  • Our “passive” design uses no “feedback”
  • Our simple design uses “hi fi” components.
  • We use “hand wired” “point to point” wiring with no printed circuit board.It is essential that that these precious few microvolts of signal from the pickup cartridge go straight in to the valve without any switches or coupling capacitor in the way to add sonic impurities.The PS1 story from David Shaw Icons founder:“I designed the PS1 for maximum musical detail, but without exaggerating the imperfections through wear or older records. Valves are much more tolerant to overload and distortion, they recover quicker and distort less than transistors. Therefore valves will deal with the huge transient spikes present in imperfect LPs better than transistors. This gives a much more pleasing sound”
  • ur remarkable long published record still stands (09/2013) that no PS1 has been returned to us as “unsuitable” despite the thousands sold.


    The PS1 has become a “Reference Standard” for Hi Fi World.


    Our original acclaimed PS1 design updated and upgraded. Faithfull to the analogue traditions of vinyl.


Specifications and Features

  • Built in volume control, suitable for most power amplifiers
  • Stereo/mono switch for lower noise from mono LPs
  • Choke power supply
  • Separate Power supply for lower noise
  • Comprehensive manual supplied
  • All hand wired point to point
  • No printed circuit board to spoil the sound
  • Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot.
  • All Triode valves 3x ECC83
  • Sensitivity: 3mv for 1.26v output (0.3mv MC)
  • Gain MM 53db MC 72db
  • Load: imp: 47k MM, 100 ohms MC
  • Output source impedance 50 ohms
  • Signal to noise level -75db (MM)
  • RIAA Freq response 20hz-20khz +0 – 1db
  • NO global feedback used
  • High quality resistors
  • Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
  • Silver PTFE audio cable
  • Gold plated Input/output terminals
  • 220/240volts (also 115v), 50watts
  • C E. Conforms to ROHS and WEEE
  • Pre-amp 170mmW, 265mmD, 105mmH , 2.87kg
  • PSU 120mmW, 235mmD 160mmH 3.9kg
  • Shipping size/weight 40cm x 35cm x 28cm  9kg

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