FM ACOUSTICS Resolution Series FM 122B MKII


Preamplificador de fono.

Precisión única en las cápsulas.

Clase A, incluye transformador externo.

Versión B para cápsulas MM.

Más detalles


• The FM 122 MKII gives record collections an entirely new life. • The ultimate solution in phono preamplification. • Extremely low noise and hum levels. • Ultra high accuracy RIAA record compensation circuitry. • Literally the only preamplifier able to provide truly accurate reproduction of vinyl LP's. • Adjustable loading allows fine tuning to any MC or MM cartridge. • Large reserves in signal handling capability. • Class A output line drivers guarantee no more matching problems between various cables and electronics. • Zero overall feedback or feedforward. • Entire unit built of proprietary discrete Class A circuitry. • Absolutely transparent. • Special dynamic curve-tracer analyzed semiconductors. • Freedom from usual limitations: no signal degrading IC’s, transformers, hybrid circuits or op-amps. • Performance without equal. • Proprietary technology, specialized circuitry and manufacturing methods. • Hand-selected, precisely matched components of DIN, IEC & MIL standard guarantee utmost accuracy and long-term stability. • The ultimate phono preamplifier for record collectors, libraries and top class audio systems. • No obsolescence. Fully modular construction guarantees easy updating. • Guaranteed spare parts availability for a minimum of 10 years.

The FM 122 MKII is transparent. It does not add any characteristic sound of its own. · The FM 122 MKII interfaces optimally with all types of circuitry. With the FM 122 MKII matching problems are a thing of the past. · The FM 122 MKII's circuits employ no overall feedback or feedforward. The entire FM 122 MKII is built with FM ACOUSTICS’ proprietary Class A stages. Freedom from hum, noise and interference is guaranteed. Stability and signal accuracy are unparalleled and surpass anything that has ever been available. · All inputs and outputs use short circuiting RCA/ Phono connectors that guarantee no thumps or transients when the cables are connected. · The FM 122 MKII’s mechanical grounding effectively isolates all sensitive electronic components from induced resonances. · Ultra-linear circuitry guarantees that the FM 122 MKII can literally drive hundreds of meters of cable, with absolutely pristine performance. · A variety of Interconnect cables made by Precision Interface Technology are available. Cables with special connectors (such as Fischer/Camac, etc.)/ are available on special order. · Swiss made hermetically sealed, quad contact, ultra high-performance relays are used. Four specially coated contacts provide perfect operation, even after tens of millions of switching cycles. Hermetic sealing guarantees that environmental factors cannot have any negative effect on the precision plated contacts and therefore, on performance. · The FM 122 MKII allows connection to any balanced or unbalanced equipment. Every load - be it true balanced, pseudo balanced or unbalanced, whether it has high or low impedance - is perfectly driven by the FM 122 MKII's precision output buffers. · Tremendous reserves in output drive capability are engineered into the FM 122 MKII. · There is no signal carrying wire in the FM 122 MKII. Unit to unit consistency is assured. · It's outstanding signal-to-noise ratio betters all existing designs. · Precision on-board stabilisation avoids hum, noise or electronic interference (provided the proper interconnect cables are used). · Proprietary control circuitry perform various tasks. Delayed switch-on is incorporated. During switchon outputs are disengaged and the FM 122 MKII checks itself. If everything is perfect, the control circuitry frees the outputs within ten seconds. · Overvoltage protection guarantees that no dangerous LF signals or DC instability can harm speakers, preamplifier, and other equipment. · A special biasing system guarantees that the FM122 MKII does not have any form of distortion or changing tonal characteristics when warming up. It reaches its optimal operating temperature within minutes; there is no hour long warm-up required. · To assure that the Resolution Series 122 MKII will not become obsolete, it uses totally modular technology. Major advantages are: a) Updates or changes can be performed in a matter of minutes. This comes with the guarantee of 100% correct performance, as parameters are fine tuned inside the respective module. This way the FM 122 MKII can be kept at the forefront of technology and performance should new technologies become available. b) If servicing should ever be necessary, a faulty module can be replaced within minutes. Every repair will be 100% accurate, as the modules have been precisely calibrated, burnt-in, and double-tested at the factory.

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