Transformador step-up para cápsulas MC.

Apto para cápsulas entre 10 y 500 Ohm.

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595,00 €


Originally designed for installation in our PS1 and PS3 phono pre-amplifiers, we found that many customers were asking for these transformers in a “stand alone” box that could be used with any phono pre-amplifiers.

Moving Coil (MC) pickups are capable of much better reproduction of LPs than Moving Magnet (MM). But only MC transformers can give the true golden musical sound of the LP. Some phono pre-amplifiers have a moving coil (MM) circuit fitted, but the results of these can be disappointing, this is because transistors are not ideally suited to this job. The sound can be harsh and uninteresting. Whereas a good quality transformer will add nothing, whilst giving a true interpretation of the original sound.

Solid construction is important for protection against noise and vibration.
We use high quality transformers using the best low oxygen copper, made into extremely thin wire, is to hand wound the coils onto the rare earth metal formers. These are triple screened for maximum hum elimination. These are mounted on a stainless steel and alloy chassis using high quality gold plated terminals.

Specifications and Features

•  All hand wired point to point
•  No printed circuit board to ‘colour’ sound
•  Suitable for pickups requiring 10 – 500 Ohms
•  Very low output impedance
•  Gain = 10 (1 for “by pass)
•  Signal to noise level -90db
•  Frequency response 10hz to 20khz –1db
•  Silver PTFE audio cable
•  Gold plated Input & output terminals
•  One line input/line output

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